Examples of Our Experience

  • Oil Refining Industry: Gasoline distillation, vacuum distillation, propane de-asphalting, two stage distillation, lube refinery, API waste water unit
  • Polyester Polymer Industry: Polyester and polymer units, batch distillation, effluent treatment
  • Fertilizer Industry: Ammonia, urea, calcium ammonium nitrate, nitro-phosphate, nitric acid plants, onsite gas fired power generation
  • Renewable Energy: AD Bio-digesters for heat and electric power energy (US & Pakistan), Grid-ties and off-grid Industrial, Commercial and Residential PV and hot water solar units, Waste-to-Energy captive power
  • Carbon Offset and UNFCCC CDM Projects: Manure and Industrial effluent based AD bio-digesters (CDM & California Gold standard), Energy Efficiency (CFL), Industrial & Commercial Solar Water PoA CDM, Run-of-River CDM, Waste-heat Energy CDM, Bio-mass CDM, Small-scale Bio-digester CDM, Solar Cooker CDM