Examples of Our US Project Experience

Power generation Utilities in 16 States from East to West Coast and Southern States: pulverized coal fired plants, gas fired simple and combined cycle units, gas and oil fired peaking units, diesel generator & staring engines, and renewable energy plants of wind, biomass, biogas, landfill gas and solar power

  • Title V permit application compilation, submitting and obtaining permit for two 550 MW natural gas fired three GE turbine combined cycle plants in States of Wisconsin and Iowa
  • Regulatory compliance support for 49 fossils fuel fired units to meet regional air quality using emission inventory tracking, effluent discharge (DMR) and ground water monitoring for 21 sites using on and off site test labs
  • NPDES, SWPPP, SPCC permitting for new and existing facilities for coal and gas fired combined cycle plants
  • Title V (ISCST, AERMOD) and BART Rule (CALPUFF) dispersion modeling for Class-1 areas
  • Setting fence line monitoring for demonstrate compliance with in PSD region.
  • Periodic and CAM rule based semi-annual and quarterly reporting for point emission sources having major emission controls such SCR/SNCR, OFA for NOx, Dry Scrubbers for SO2, ESP for PM/TSP and PM2.5/mercury control bag houses.
  • Maintaining Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) and Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS) for 17 large scale coal fired units covering annual RATA audit, QA/QC manuals, DAH systems and quarterly monitoring reports
  • Designing, and implementing cloud based EMIS for tracking and reporting Title V and TRI inventory, DMR for fossil fired power plants generating hundreds of reports for regulatory and voluntary reporting
  • Designing, and implementing cloud based EMIS for tracking and reporting US EPA GHG Reporting Program (MRR) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and TruCost for fossil fired power plants
  • Project Lead for planning team for >$750 million NOx, SO2 and mercury control project to meet the air quality standards (US EPA CAIR/CAMR rules)
  • Successfully defended US EPA Section 114 data request for Wisconsin power plant major modification in air quality deterioration (PSD) litigation
  • Deployed the EPA GHG Mandatory Reporting Regulation for 49 fossils fuel fired units of the company