Polar Design Studio provides Greenhouse Gases (GHG) management, Carbon Accounting, Sustainability, Carbon offset project development, Environmental Compliance and Renewable Energy Project development services . Our GHG Management Services include Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Scope 1, 2 and 3 Carbon Accounting services to businesses and entities for their products, and services. We help companies and entities determine their verifiable GHG Scope-1 direct, Scope-2 indirect and Scope-3 value chain emissions of cradle-to-Gate, gate-to-gate, gate-to-grave emissions for their baseline carbon footprint using our CtG-LCSM model approach. We perform Carbon Risks and Opportunities matrices of your businesses for incorporating into company’s Enterprise Risk Management based on plausible carbon price scenarios. This helps businesses transitioning to low risk carbon neutral path without losing the competitive edge.

We use Science-Based-Target Initiative (SBTi) Protocol for setting the 5-year progressive targets to traverse the path to the ultimate carbon neutral goal by 2050.

We can transition Excel spread-sheet based carbon accounting system into robust company wide Custom-built web-cloud based GHG Management Information System (GHGMIS) tailored to site specific needs of your facilities from local to global levels.

We offer an edge in hands-on experience Developing Carbon Offset Projects using Climate Registry, Gold Standard, IPCC CDM,  ISO-14064, and other Carbon Cap and Trade based Protocols which will dove-tail into your carbon reduction goals.

We provide Environmental Compliance, Renewable Energy Project Development and Sustainability (ESG) services to customers across USA, Canada, and the Middle East. Our services are highly efficient, economical, competitive and prompt to your needs. We provide most of our services virtually, and we are available for any site visit if required. Our cutting edge “Cloud technology based EMIS out-sourcing-Services” bring on-demand Environmental and GHG expertise to your door-step on as needed basis, matching your company work style and customized needs.

Polar Design Studio areas of services include: 

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Scope 1, 2 and 3 Carbon Accounting (CtG-LCSM model)
  • Carbon Risks and Opportunities, Enterprise Risk Management
  • Setting Carbon Neutral Goal 2050 using Science-Based-Target Initiative (SBTi) Protocol
  • Custom-built web-cloud based Environmental Information Management System
  • Developing Carbon Offset Projects using TCR, IPCC CDM, Gold Standard, ISO-14064 based Protocols
  • Environmental Compliance 
  • Renewable Energy Project Development
  • Sustainability ESG Services
  • Cloud technology based EMIS out-sourcing-Services 

For your sustainability and carbon accounting  services

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