Our earth ecological crisis is reaching a tipping point without any foreseeable capacity in the world governments to save the planet for our future generations. To stay below 1.5°C goal the global GHG emissions are required reduction by 7.6% each year between 2020 and 2030. This means existing 55.3 Giga-tonnes of CO2e (GtCO2e) need to be 32 GtCO2e lower for the 1.5°C goal and there is no magic wand available to make such reductions.  G20 members which account for 78% of global GHG emissions are far from their 1.5°C goals. This is evident from the fact that GHG emissions have increased instead of reducing at a rate of 1.5% per year in the last decade exposing so called efforts and commitments of world governments to address climate change issue.

The industrial revolution since 15th century has never produced any products at cheaper rates than sustainable cottage industry products of pre-industrial revolution. If all pollution discharged from any industrial products is controlled, a paper cup, a plastic water bottle or an aluminium soda-can will be hundreds of times more expensive than their cottage industry sustainably produced counterparts such as a ceramic cup or a mug or a glass bottle.  In the past few centuries industrial mass production by the Western countries replaced the world sustainable cottage industry, making industrialized countries richer at the cost of the earth environment or ecological system damage, thus making them richer and the remaining world countries having sustainable cottage industry poorer. However, by 20th century the world other countries such as China, India, the Middle or Far East and South American countries also understood the trick and started becoming industrialized. However, when billions of people in developing countries started following American dream of accumulating wealth at the cost of earth environment, very soon world industrial pollution and unsustainable exploitation of earth resources exceeded the earth ecosystem carrying capacity to absorb the massive pollution discharged from world industrialization. Currently 1.7 to 2 earths are required to absorb all pollution, thus creating survival issue of the future generation.

Now reverting back to the sustainable model of earth development of pre- industrial revolution has become impossible to achieve. The world current social economic system is standing on the foundation built on unethical industrial revolution. No country in the world is willing to sacrifice their economic gains obtained through unethical industrialization means but rather competing to exploit the earth more in the race to become richer. Developed countries are asking developing countries to do more and developing countries are saying let us also exploit the earth at your level of 100 years  before we start reducing pollution (per se GHG reduction goals as required under Paris Agreement). That was the reason Kyoto protocol never worked and any future agreement will fail under UN umbrella done by world politicians elected on 4-5 year cycle with short-term agenda to stay electable during their career. Any sustainability effort fails since a company can only adopt climate change GHG reduction and sustainability practices at levels that are being adopted by their competitors otherwise they will be out of business. That is the reason a drastic GHG reduction required to meet 1.5°C goal cannot be achieved at business or country level.

Not much is at stake for world politicians or general masses mostly keen for their livelihood up to their retirement and death. However, much more is at stake for billionaires who own more than 75% wealth of the world and control most of the world trade, financial institutions, industrial complexes, transport, shipping and aviation industry and agricultural and mining resources. For earth to become inhabitable in the long run means losing all wealth and resources they are enjoying since generations.

Therefore, a Sustainability Revolution is required in 21st century for the earth survival at a scale of the industrial revolution started in 15th century of earth exploitation, but in the opposite direction. The World Economic Forum billionaires should create and implement exclusive cradle-to-grave life-cycle sustainable model (CtG-LCSM) for their businesses worldwide. In this exclusive sustainable revolutionary CtG-LCSM club only those can get membership who adopt and commit to CtG-LCSM model. Traversing CtG-LCSM model will start making products and services more expensive, however, this will reduce earth eco-system strains and their gradual revival will brings more prosperity. In this way billionaires who own 75% wealth of the world have economic power to put the earth back on a sustainability path averting a total destruction of humanity and earth eco-systems. The remaining businesses outside CtG-LCSM may survive for a while due to non-sustainable cheaper production but will ultimately wipe out as public awareness increases. On the other hand cottage level sustainable industry in the world will start reviving since its products may be absorbed not only by CtG-LCSM club value chain but will also be salable in open sustainable goods markets directly. Similarly the world wasteful single use economy will start disappearing replacing with permanent or multiple use cycle durable products with 100% recyclability at the end of useful life (designed for environment or recycling ).

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