Polar Design Studio is providing Environmental Compliance, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability services since 2012 to customers across USA, Canada, Middle East and Pakistan. Our Mission is to provide customized solutions to help our customers meet their triple bottom-line for environment, economics and social-needs. Polar Design Studio also offers cloud based Environmental Management Information Management (EMIS) and Carbon Accounting services, tailored to site specific needs of companies. Our cutting-edge technical and technology services are highly efficient, economical, competitive and prompt to your needs with our team of qualified specialists comprised of professional engineers, certified industrial hygienists, EMS auditors, EMIS specialists and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) experts with extensive local and global experience.

Get professional services at highly competitive rates compared to other consulting companies. Our cutting edge “cloud technology based EMIS out-sourcing-services” brings on-demand Environmental and GHG expertise to your door-step on as needed basis, matching your company work style and customized needs.


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Environmental Compliance, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability, Green House Gas Management, Emission Inventory, EMIS Services, Carbon Offset Projects, Carbon Accounting, Industrial Hygiene Service

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