Polar Design Studio provides Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Scope 1, 2 and 3 Carbon Accounting (CtG-LCSM model) services to businesses and entities for their products, and services. Our services include segment-wise cradle to gate, gate-to-gate and gate-to-grave (for recycling) life cycle inventories of your products and services in a cost effective and highly professional manner. Polar Design Studio also offers cloud based Environmental Management Information Management (EMIS) and Carbon Accounting services, tailored to site specific needs of companies. We are providing Environmental Compliance, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability services since 2006 to customers across USA, Canada, and the Middle East. Our cutting-edge technical and technology services are highly efficient, economical, competitive and prompt to your needs. We provide most of our services virtually, and we are available for any site visit if required. Our cutting edge “cloud technology based EMIS out-sourcing-services” brings on-demand Environmental and GHG expertise to your door-step on as needed basis, matching your company work style and customized needs.

Courtesy: WRI GHG Protocol

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