The 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Katowice, Poland, agreed on rules to implement the 2015 Paris Agreement which will come into force in 2020. This means a commitment by countries to submit nationally determined contributions (NDCs), and setting out their national targets for reducing greenhouse gases. To date, 163 countries have presented their NDCs. Even if countries fully implement their NDCs—and take comparable action afterwards—the global temperature is expected to increase about 3.2°C by 2100 relative to pre-industrial levels, according to a recent UN Environment report. Polar Design Studio is dedicated to help North American countries (Canada and US states) and developing countries (Middle East countries) in measuring their GHG emissions and finding low hanging carbon offset reduction projects under United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Western Climate Initiative (WCI) and The Climate Registry (TCR) protocols and Voluntary Standards such as California Gold Standard.

Our UNFCCC CDM Project Services

Polar Design Studio provides services for Clean Development Mechanism projects (CDM) through all phases of the CDM project cycle from project inception:

 Project feasibility, baseline emissions, and additionality; determine the project potential to reduce greenhouse gases by calculating the project emission reductions (CERs) applying approved United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) CDM methodology based on type of project. Develop the Project Design Document (PDD) on UNFCCC template for CDM Board registration and DOE Validation of the project

 We maintain strong relationships and affiliation with firms in the developed and developing countries, committed to meet carbon reduction targets to become joint owners in CDM projects. Streamlining the CDM process for the project owners by facilitating and negotiating the sale of CERs on behalf of the Project Owner at the best available price, conduct and coordinate Pre-ERPA negotiations, assist with project Due Diligence (DD) assist the Project Owner with final ERPA contract for sale of CERS. This places organizations in an advantageous position to hedge against CER price volatility, lower risk, assurance in investment decisions and have more control on project performance.

 We assist Project Owners with project PDD Validation and project on-site Validation process by the DOE (Designated Operational Entity) for CDM Executive Board registration of the project.

 Support project owner for PDD monitoring plan implementation for the CDM project cycle and writing the yearly monitoring report for project verification by DOE for the release of the CERs to the buyer each year.

Become Our Partner in CDM Project Development

There is a huge sector to be served related to the GHG reduction goals in each world country. Collaboration between Polar Design Studio and your business venture will be highly beneficial in realizing the full financial potential of this emerging market. Your business venture will perform a preliminary screening and identify potential projects at its end and provide project details to Polar Design Studio.

Polar Design Studio team will review the project for GHG reduction potential and request more details from your business venture to compile a baseline emission and projected reduction in the next 10 or 21 year cycle.

In collaboration with your business venture, Polar Design Studio will develop a preliminary economic analysis providing project development, validation and verification cost and potential saving from carbon dioxide credits and to determine economic viability of the project.

Your business venture will share the preliminary project cost-benefit analysis of the project with the project developer and obtain their consent to proceed with the project for CDM mechanism. Your business venture will also inform about the project to the Designated National Authority (DNA) of the host country such as Ministry of Environment to facilitate a letter of no objection.

In consultation with your business venture and the project developer, Polar Design Studio will develop ‘Project Information/Idea Notes’ (PIN) for registration with UNFCCC.

If the PIN is acceptable to UNFCCC CDM, Polar Design Studio will solicit a project sponsor to support the project development. A preliminary understanding will be developed with the sponsor for investing in the project development and owning the carbon reduction credits for a specified period and rate.

The following steps will be completed for project initiation and commissioning in collaboration with (1) project sponsor, (2) Polar Design Studio, (3) designated validation and verification body (4) project developer and (5) your business venture:

1. Project Information/Idea Notes’ (PIN)
2. Letter of Intent (LoI)
3. CDM Project Due Diligence
4. Baseline Study (BLS) and Monitoring Plan (MP)
5. Letter of Approval (LoA)
6. Project Design Document (PDD)
7. Validation and Registration
8. Initial Validation and project commissioning
9. Monitoring, Verification and Certification
10. Transfer of emission reduction (carbon credits)