Our Expertise Areas

  • We have more than 30 years of experience designing, implementing and managing Environmental Management and air quality programs based on US EPA, OSHA, Canadian, Saudi Arabian, and UAE, and Pakistan environmental regulations: air quality assessments and monitoring, dispersion modeling to meet air quality standards, continuous emission monitoring (CEMS), stack testing, air quality monitoring using field equipment and monitoring stations, QA/QC audits, environmental impact assessment, greenhouse gas (GHG) management, environmental management system (ISO14001), and environmental management information system (EMIS). Developing ecological footprint and sustainability strategy for air quality, water and waste management in petrochemicals, oil refinery, LNG, fertilizer, oil and gas and power generation industries. We have strong expertise in project management, and process engineering of emission control equipment.
  • Environmental Management System (ISO-14001) Implementing & Developing Sustainability Strategy: preparing, implementing and managing Environmental Management System (ISO-14001) system and sustainability strategy
  • Environmental Dispersion Modeling: Developing strategy, conducting dispersion modeling for air quality compliance, permitting, emergency response using ISCST3.1, AERMOD3.2, DEGADIS2.1, CALPUFF, fate modeling
  • Environmental Management Information System (EMIS): designing, implementing and managing a specific EMIS for company’s multiple facilities emission inventories, GHG, waste water using a web-based cloud EMIS platform
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Conducting EIA and HAZOP/HAZAN analysis for existing and new projects as well as plant modifications.
  • Environmental Auditing and Assessment: Designed, conducted and managed environmental compliance and EMS audits & assessments
  • Environmental Training: Develop and conduct training for EMIS, emergency response, CEMS, and compliance strategy
  • Industrial Hygiene: Design, develop and maintain personal monitoring programs including exposure risk assessment, air area and personal monitoring, hazard specific compliance programs and health surveillance.

Examples of Our Experience

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Industry: LNG processing trains based associated gas from crude oil extraction having LNG, butane, propane, pentene as product.

  • Implemented HSE Management System based EMS that was certified to ISO 14001 standard.
  • Implemented Air Quality Monitoring and Management System (AQMS) program combining emissions with dispersion modeling to predict air quality and validation with air monitoring   
  • Evaluated various emission control scenarios using ISCST3.0 dispersion modeling
  • Developed a 5-year 45% emission reduction strategy for the facility to meet air quality goals
  • Incorporated ISO 14001 requirements in the HSEMS and achieved third party certification
  • Deployed award winning waste management program achieving 65% non-hazardous waste reduction
  • Facilitated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies for large scale projects
  • Implemented industrial hygiene program covering risk assessment, exposure monitoring, and health surveillance

Petrochemical Industry: Olefins, ethylene, poly vinyl chloride monomer (PVC), Butene-1, polypropylene, styrene plants, waste incinerator facilities

  • Metallurgical Industry: Aluminum Smelter, Alumina Refinery, Rolling Mill, and steel mills
  • Renewable Energy: AD Bio-digesters for heat and electric power energy (US & Pakistan), Grid-ties and off-grid Industrial, Commercial and Residential PV and hot water solar units, Waste-to-Energy captive power
  • Carbon Offset and UNFCCC CDM Projects: Manure and Industrial effluent based AD bio-digesters (CDM & California Gold standard), Energy Efficiency (CFL), Industrial & Commercial Solar Water PoA CDM, Run-of-River CDM, Waste-heat Energy CDM, Bio-mass CDM, Small-scale Bio-digester CDM, Solar Cooker CDM