Our GHG Inventory Projects

  • Developing and implementing: US EPA GHG reporting rule (40 CFR 98 Part C & D) based GHG inventory for more than 40 large to medium sized power generation plants in many states for Fortune 1,000 utilities from GHG plan conceptual design, facility applicability determination, Tier methodology matrix, GHG monitoring plans.
  • Developing and implementing US EPA GHG reports for local gas distribution entities in many states for 40 CFR 98 Part NN.
  • Developing a comprehensive analysis and GHG reduction strategy to meet GHG reduction goals.

EMIS Based GHG Inventory (Carbon Footprint) and GHG Management Strategy

Design, implement and manage US EPA GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule Subpart A,C,D,NN, and W regulations for large scale coal fired plants and natural gas supply distribution companies across many states on a cloud technology based internet EMIS platform and integration of it with EPA eGGRT program. Configure The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) protocols based Cloud internet-based GHG Management Information System (GHGMIS) from conceptual design to pilot deployment and full system roll-out at all facilities and businesses, nationally and globally:

  • GHG system boundary, equity & operation control, emission baseline GHG direct (Scope-1) stationary, mobile, fugitive and process emission
  • GHG direct (Scope-1) sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and refrigerants (HCF/PFC) emissions
  • GHG indirect (Scope-2) grid electricity and steam, cooling & hot water emissions
  • GHG Plan, document control, validation & verification
  • GHG reporting: GRI, TCR CRIS, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • GHG reduction projects: develop GHG reduction strategy for the companies and businesses
  • Renewable energy projects strategy: solar, wind, biogas, biomass and other Distributed Generation (DG)
  • Set EMIS for renewable energy projects tracking for renewable energy credit (REC) and carbon offset credit tracking for carbon offset projects
  • GHG Allowance tracking (allocation & purchase) and GHG compliance management