Oil and Gas Sector

  • Flare emission reduction
  • Oil and gas transmission emission reduction
  • Oil production well associated gas capture
  • API unit hydrocarbon reduction

Fertilizer Industry

  • Nitrogen dioxide emission reduction
  • Purge/inert gas methane recovery
  • Ammonia plant CO2 reduction

Petrochemical Sector

  • Olefins plant off-gas (hexane, Butene-1) recovery
  • Mixed flare reduction
  • Fugitive emission management

Cement Industry

  • Coal power plant fly ash use in cement kiln
  • Fuel optimization and renewable fuel co-firing

Energy Efficiency

  • Industrial boiler efficiency improvement & CHP
  • Utility demand side management
  • Commercial sector energy audit and energy efficiency

Renewable Energy

  • Co-firing of bagasse in sugar industry boilers
  • Bagasse fired power generation
  • Co-firing of biomass in boilers
  • Biomass fired power generation
  • Biogas from bio-digester processed as CNG/NG fuel
  • Biogas fired for power and heat co-generation
  • Wind power generation
  • Wind power smaller grid-tied units
  • Less than 60 MW hydros
  • Grid-tied PV commercial systems
  • Grid-tied PV residential systems

Waste Management

  • Solid waste management
  • Landfill gas capture and use
  • Waste to energy projects
  • Sewage treatment plant methane capture

Fuel Switching

  • Fuel switching from mineral coal to natural gas
  • Fly ash and slag use in brick blocks

Coal mine methane gas capture and use/flaring

Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Recovery

Hydro-fluorocarbons Destruction