Greenhouse Gas Management Services

Are you looking for cost effective services for accurate compiling and tracking of greenhouse gas (GHG) Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions of your facilities?

Polar Design Studio can help you with our highly flexible and tailored to your needs approach. We can facilitate accurate compiling and tracking of GHG emissions meeting WRI GHG Protocol Corporate standard, GHG Scope 3 Standard, SBTi Validation Protocol, SBTi Corporate Net-Zero Goal, Environmental Canada GHG Reporting Program, Ontario GHG QRV O.Reg. 143/16, US EPA GHG Reporting Program (GHGRP), and ISO-14064-1,2 &3, TCR protocol. We can assist with defining GHG boundaries, compiling GHG source inventory, performing GHG emission calculations, for sources exceeding 10,000 or/and 25,000 metric tons thresholds, and selecting the best baseline year for GHG emission cap.

GHG Inventory (Carbon Footprint) 

Our Greenhouse Gas Management (GHG) implementation services include developing a company specific GHG inventory (Carbon Footprint), and GHG Management Information System (GHGMIS) from conceptual design to full deployment for company wide facilities that may exist nationally and globally:

  • GHG system boundary, equity & operation control, emission baseline
  • GHG direct (Scope1) stationary, mobile, fugitive and process emission
  • GHG direct (Scope1) sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and refrigerants (HCF/PFC) emissions
  • GHG indirect (Scope2) grid electricity and steam, cooling & hot water emissions
  • GHG Up-stream and Down-stream Supply Chain Category 1 to 15 Scope 3 emissions
  • GHG Plan, document control, validation & verification
  • GHG reporting: Canada GHGRP, EPA GHGRP, WCI Climate Reserve
  • GHG reduction projects: develop GHG reduction strategy for the company businesses
  • Renewable energy projects strategy: solar, wind, biogas, biomass and other Distributed Generation (DG)
  • Set renewable energy projects tracking for renewable energy credit (REC) and carbon offset credit tracking for carbon offset projects
  • GHG Allowance tracking (allocation & purchase) and GHG compliance management

GHG Information Management System (GHGMIS)

If you are pleased with the quality, technical capability and cost effectiveness of our GHG inventory services, we can offer you our next level of services of developing your company specific comprehensive internet based GHG management information system (GHGMIS) on a highly robust, flexible and reputable software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. This will alleviate the burden of collecting data and compiling GHG every year on hundreds of Excel spread sheets which are difficult to maintain and that can break. With GHGMIS while data is entered and automatically loaded at different facilities located in numerous states, Provinces and countries, the internet based GHGMIS accurately compiles and tracks all GHG emissions centrally generating customized reports in regulatory reporting formats conforming to different reporting protocols such the Canadian Federal and Provincial GHG reporting, US EPA eGGRT reporting, TCR, CDP, etc.

We have extensive experience in GHG management, GHGMIS and renewable project development. Our cost effective work-hour rates and maximum use of electronic media make us one of the most cost-effective GHG accounting service provider, renewable energy and carbon offset project developers.

At Polar Design Studio, we have extensive experience of developing GHG management program including internet based GHG system designed and built as a customized GHGMIS tool which meets your needs and compiles, maintains and tracks GHG emissions of hundreds of facilities across the nation and globally. This highly powerful and flexible internet based GHG Management Information System (GHGMIS) for your facilities will save hundreds of work-hours every year and provide consistent data that comply with CDP, SBTi validation and Net-zero Goal Standards, WRI, GHGProtocol, TCFD and ISSB Risk Based Scenarios & Strategy and regulatory bodies such as O. Reg. 143/162 GHG reporting regulation, US EPA GGRP, Canada GHGRP, and voluntary ISO-14064-1,2 &3. Your GHGMIS will provide all GHG data and relevant documents in one system to facilitate easy verification of your annual GHG emissions. It will also track GHG reductions of your carbon offset projects for facilitating validation by third-party validators.

Please refer to our AWMA Conference paper on GHG Management System Implementation on Web-based Platform to understand our GHG management approach for your facilities AWMA CD GHG EMIS 1012