Environmental Management System Services

Environmental management systems such as ISO:14001, EMAS, Responsible Care, WRI and GRI sustainability protocols are being widely adopted by corporate business world to integrate environmental aspect of their operations, products and services into company business and strategic decision making. In this context, our value added integrated EHS Management System services enhance environmental performance of our clients measurable in terms of cost saving benefits and continuous improvement leading companies toward the ultimately goal of sustainability and eco-efficiency. We can help you with:

  • Preliminary Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Environmental Management System Process Development
  • Environmental Significant Aspects and Impacts Determination
  • EMS & EHS MS design development & Implementation
  • Context of Organization, Ris and Opportunities
  • Documentation and Operational Controls
  • Setting goals and Environmental Performance Key Indicators
  • EMS assessments and audits

Eco-foot Print and Sustainability Services

1- We can help you in your facilities Ecological Footprint Assessment (EFA) using available software Eco-footprint software tools. Determine best year for baseline and develop eco-foot print and GHG intensity and absolute emission based reduction strategy and key performance indicators.

2-Help you in developing Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) protocol and Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) based systems and annual reporting for your facilities and businesses. In this we use e-cloud based EMIS which can integrated with all your local, regional and global facilities and businesses.

Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) Building Services

Polar Design Studio, using a cloud based EMIS platform, can build an EMIS System for your organization that will meet your environmental compliance and GHG management needs with a low capital investment, rapid implementation cycle, low IT resource burden, and a seamless interface among various EH&S systems. An EMIS system will serve the complexities of your regional and global operations, such as collecting information from different data sources, using multiple emissions calculations factors, methods, and conforming to reporting protocols and standards. Our approach to building an EMIS for your needs, meeting your organization management culture, processes and emerging environmental and GHG management risk.

  • Client needs analysis to propose a system design meeting their expectations;
  • Develop EMIS business case for clients;
  • Develop a conceptual design of the system;
  • EMIS system full deployment including technical processes and staff training;
  • Review client existing EMIS system, advise, develop and implement enhancements for emerging needs;
  • Design and implement additional permit compliance needs in an existing EMIS such as TRI or NPRI, Title V emission inventory, NPDES DMR;
  • Expand EMIS for GHG management: US EPA GHG Program, Environment Canada and Provincial GHG reporting, CDP Scope 1&2 reporting;
  • Provide ongoing technical support to clients for maintaining their EMIS system;
  • Provide to clients pre-configured EMIS modules for emission inventory, TRI, DMR, waste management, GHG management to minimize deployment period and seamlessly integrate the modules

We have extensive experience in GHG management, GHG-MIS and renewable project development. Our low work-hour rate and maximize use of electronic media make us of the most cost-effective GHG accounting services provider, renewable energy and carbon offset project developers.

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